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Rotor Flux Monitoring
Do you know whether degradation of the rotor windings within your generators are placing operation at risk? How often do you measure the flux signals within the rotor for shorts? Do you measure during transitional states, different load conditions? Learn why online condition monitoring of the rotor field is crucial to your generator's health.

Jun 25, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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David Jahnke
Software/Electrical R&D Manager @Cutsforth, Inc
David has worked in computer-based electronics and various electrical systems for most of his career beginning in 1985. He was drawn to Cutsforth in part by their micro – niche-ness, and also by the company’s clear commitment to excellence. He loves trouble shooting on generators to discover problems and provide solutions. When Cutsforth was first asked to come up with an innovative shaft grounding and monitoring system, he was excited to be on the groundbreaking team to do so. This initiative has since lead to a full suite of condition-based monitoring systems with new offerings being developed all the time. He enjoys what he does and working for a company that encourages great innovations for the power industry.
Steve Tanner
Business Development Manager @Cutsforth, Inc
Steve Tanner manages business and corporate development for Cutsforth. During the previous 25 years, he has held senior executive roles with wireless telecommunications and technology companies. He holds degrees from Missouri Southern State University and the University of Wisconsin. His early graduate studies included mathematical models of human learning and memory, and later studies focused on corporate finance.